Exhalation Integrative Wellness, LLC is a holistic, natural health and healing center that brings its mission and vision to life through integrated care, social service/justice and activism; that maintains and supports itself through a variety of independent creative avenues; that serves visitors to its community, and that invites, accepts and appreciates the participation of others who benefit the community in benevolent ways;  It is a place and space honored and respected as a pioneering adventure, bringing new dynamics to the healing culture and community of Detroit.

We combine multiple disciplines and natural health tools to create diverse approaches to drug­‐freetherapy that elevate mind, body and spirit wellness.  Our holistic approach to healing andwellness helps to increase client awareness of the conditionswithintheir total­‐being; thus leadingto a more healthy, lifestyle. We consider all elements of lifestyle including diet, exercise and nutrition; as well as overallphysical, mental,  spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  

Our practice is where education and experience meet innate intelligence.
— Karla Mitchell, N.D.


Karla K. Mitchell N.D.

Clinical Traditional Naturopath, Owner, Director of Center Services

Native Detroiter| Wife & Co-Creator | Mother of Five.  As a Clinical Traditional Naturopath, Karla is the visionary owner and foundress of Exhalation Integrative Wellness, LLC.  She is adept in several methods of natural healing.  She received a Doctorate in Naturopathy and pursued a career transition after having spent more than 15 years as a senior level, degreed professional in Detroit’s automotive industry.  Altogether, Karla is a naturopathic doctor, a health educator, a Reiki master, an herbalist, a homeopath, an auricular specialist and is certified as a community health worker. Her current body of work focuses on improving health outcomes, reducing and preventing dependencies, and educating and empowering people to make informed health care choices.  She offers a multitude of natural options that address both acute and chronic conditions and which are tailored to the specific needs of an individual.  She collaborates and infuses her work into various sectors advocating traditional naturopathy as a viable adjunct to conventional healthcare methods