New for 2016!

Happy New Year!  We're excited to help get you off to a great start and hopefully stay with you on your journey. There's lots to look forward to at Exhalation Integrative Wellness in 2016.

Introducing EIW's Blog Spot:  Non-Medical Musings  here online, where we will keep you informed and updated on issues, topics and news related to natural and holistic health and wellness;

The Collective Cleanse Experience returns, promising to be a most healthy and natural way to jumpstart and maintain your 2016 health, wellness &  fitness goals;

Delve Workspace arrives on the 19th to ensure you envision the year and manifest it accordingly.  Join Lottie Spady, our expressive therapist, as she inspires and endeavors to help you frame and manifest your intentions for 2016;

The Urban Apothecary returns with regular monthly hours and new and exciting shopping experiences for you to enjoy.  February marks the anniversary of community herbalist, Talitha Johnson's Amour All Naturals and we are excited about the display of love that will be in the air for the February Urban Apothecary;

New and exciting training opportunities abound with local and nationally known community herbalists offering learn-shops for the beginning to master learner;

We introduce the #KissConvo Series, convening ongoing conversations about natural and holistic approaches to common acute and chronic conditions.  This keep it simple series de-medicalizes conversations about health and seeks to increase your understanding of alternative approaches;

We welcome Baba Owore Obafemi and his innovative training Celestial Nutrition.  This is an excellent tool for the holistic health enthusiast who wants to capture ancient wisdom and modern pratice to assist their friends and loved ones on their journey to optimal health and well-being.  Baba Owore will also be onsite accepting appointments for those who are interested in having there own Celestrial Nutritional Assessment completed.

We look forward to Clinical Herbalist and Traditional  Healer Phe McKee's dream and divine feminine monthly self-care circles;

Not sure what Holistic Health is all about?  Join Talitha Johnson for an exciting class: Focus on Holisitc Health where she takes the participant on a foundational journey of what it means to adopt a holistic lifestyle.  You will certainly be pleased with how she dymystifies all the information thrown at you in the media about diets, exercise, supplements, herbs, etc.  Let Talitha's insight helpyou make better choices!

And so much more.... welcome to the New Year with Exhalation Integrative Wellness!  Please leave a comment and let us know what your pressing question or health challenge is - we are here to help and here to stay!!!