Naturopathy & Alternative Care introduces our holistic approach where diets, lifestyle, and mind-body health are assessed using non-medical means.  All information provided is for educational purposes and programs are design to meet the needs of the individual.  A variety of protocols are considered for the achievement of overall wellness, inner healing and addressing root causes of dis-ease. With the naturopathic approach, all aspects of health are considered and rarely are programs duplicated for the more commonly diagnosed conditions.

Integrative Wellness applies to most complex cases of advanced chronic disease and often includes a medical physician.   Care coordination is achieved with the intention of creating the best overall health plan, using both conventional and holistic forms of care.  This approach takes advantage of a partnership between the medical and natural practitioner.  With integrative wellness, we assess both the medical and non-medical nature of disease – empowering you to choose one or both means of care for the betterment of your condition.  Note: Prices vary  for Alternative, Natural and Integrative Wellness programs, due to the difference in products & techniques used for individual conditions, illnesses and disease.